As a multi-disciplinary creative producer, I collaborate with teams to uncover insights and implement strategies that cut through the noise and stand out in the current media landscape.

Role: Line Producer
Role: Producer/ Cinematographer
Role: Production Coordinator
Role: Art Department Coordinator
Role: Director
Role: Line Producer / Miami
Role : Camera Operator
Role: Art Director
Role: Producer / Cinematographer
Role: Director of Photography
Role: Cinematographer
Role: Producer/ Cinematographer
Role :Producer / Cinematographer

My role in a project nowhere as important as being a fluid analytical team member that utilizes a design method to find the right questions. I’m a fabricator, designer, producer, and a writer who is solely interested in joining teams with culture and vision. The process can be messy and I love rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty.

If you share the some of the same beliefs drop me a line, I would love to conjure up some conversation.